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08 Numbers takes the privacy of its users seriously and this Privacy Policy Statement explains the privacy and data-protection practices of the leading web site for 08 Numbers Ltd

It is important for 08 Numbers Ltd to safeguard its users' privacy while also providing a personalized and valuable service. The collection of personal information of users is necessary if 08 Numbers Ltd is to satisfy the expectations and requirements of these users, for instance by communicating with them and providing an interactive service.

What Information is compiled?

In addition to the details on your registration form, information is automatically retrieved, for example on browsing patterns through the site. This is used only in aggregate form; no individual user is identified. The aggregate data allows 08 Numbers Ltd to analyze the site traffic and manage its relationship with advertisers and thus provide a more relevant service to its users.

What do we do with the information we collect?

The personal information you supplied on your 08 Numbers Ltd registration form will not be disclosed outside 08 Numbers Ltd. The email address you provide when you first became an 08 Numbers Ltd user allows us to send you information about important changes and improvements to 08 Numbers Ltd products and services.


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