08-numbers for freephone and special rate phone numbers


What does it mean?

08 Numbers are Ofcom registered and that means that we actually own the numbers that we are offering - You are therefore dealing direct with the end supplier. We follow Ofcom's regulations with regards to the provision of non geographic numbers.

Providers that are not Ofcom registered acquire numbers from comapnies like ourslelves, therfore the customer's relationship is not with the owner of the number, leaving them vulnerable should anything happen to their provider.

Will I own my number?

No. It is not possible to 'own a number', you are renting the number from us.

What happens if my provider ceases trading?

At 08 Numbers because you are dealing direct with the owner of your number, it can be ported to another supplier for you. (We aim to be around for a very long time by the way!)

This is why we prefer to charge for our services almost exclusively on a monthly basis. You only pay for the service while you need it, you are not risking an initial outlay and we have a healthy incentive to look after you as a customer.


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