08-numbers for freephone and special rate phone numbers

Why choose 08 Numbers?

We are Ofcom registered

08 Numbers are Ofcom registered and that means that we actually own the numbers that we are offering - You are therefore dealing direct with the end supplier.

No Set up fees or installation charges

You can never actually own a number, you can only rent it. Therefore why should there be any kind of initial fee?

We would be delighted to have you as a customer so are more than happy to do our connection work for free, you simply pay the monthly rental charge and any call costs incurred.

No equipment required

Unless specifically stated, all of 08 Numbers' solutions exist 'at our end of the line', therefore there is no expensive initial outlay for equipment.

Transparent pricing

We display our pence per minute call charges as what you will actually get charged after you have used your free minutes. Beware of providers who list their rate at what the equivalent cost would be for your free minutes (but only if you use them).

We are contactable by telephone

We actively encourage calls of any type of enquiry, please call us on 0800 848 8000.

We are an established business

08 Numbers was set up in 2005.


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